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I had one of those goose-bump ideas.

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Let me preface this by saying I'm very tied up in my own project and I'm just going to post this idea free for the taking. I think it's a good idea and I want to share it. I realize that ideas are a dime a dozen but hey, maybe this is a diamond in the rough... I would want to do a simple, space combat game to start. But I would want it to be limited to low Earth orbit, with technology that lets you barely get to the moon. Scale and atmosphere would be key here, I envision a realistic scale, and movement that reflects just how enormous you little piece of low Earth orbit really is. Imagine, fragile space fighters dogfighting, spiraling off in the distance, with a beautiful planet mesh spinning slowly below you while the not so lucky fireball into the outer atmosphere. After that tech demo, the game I want, is Earth of the future, with a desperate global war going on.. where the population has peaked and you are fighting for resources to make colonies elsewhere in the solar system. War is all about resources. When there is not enough water and minerals, people band together to protect their kind. I envision the game, a balancing act of resource management, strategy, when to fight - when not to, and long term planning for the good of your faction. One mission may be defending your colony vessel from pirates as it tries to break Earth's gravity well on a desperate mission to Europa. Another might be harvesting asteroids, a dangerous activity indeed, and using your skills and coordination to work that asteroid into your control and towards your outpost on the moon, all while trying to prevent a catastrophic collision with your mining vessel. I'd want everything to be realistic and harsh. No cushy jaunts around your galactic neighborhood in a ridicules FTL ship. Just humans using bleeding edge technology to just barely be able to get themselves established on another world before the end of their own. Desperate measures and sacrifice, you'd play as your group of humans, and be able to bond with certain characters from mission to mission, whom would eventually die, but in the end, you'd hope for peace and protection for your people. Maybe a mixture of RTS and 1st person space combat? I'd definitely play this. [Edited by - GreggBz on March 15, 2006 10:43:09 AM]

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