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[.net] Physics, audio and networking?

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ODE is a very nice C++ library and James Raine came along with a .NET wrapper for it. If you're not concerned with cross platformability, James Raine's ODE.NET might be a good choice. I started a Mono-compatible, object oriented, ODE wrapper a while ago named OdeDotNet which is quite functional, but still a very young project. It comes with a couple of working examples, all compatible on Linux/Mac through Mono.
Original post by hplus0603
ODE has a C-style API where you can P/Invoke it pretty easily for physics.
Tao.Ode P/Invokes to the C ODE library and then OdeDotNet wraps it into an object oriented interface [wink].

Although it completely depends on which API you're using, FMOD Ex is a very nice library to work with. It works perfectly with the .NET framework and you shouldn't have any big problems with it.

The .NET Framework comes packed with a bunch of networking classes functional of doing almost anything you'd need for network functionality of a game. I haven't seen any .NET networking wrappers around, but if you find any, please let me know.... Good luck!

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See also SDL.NET for audio and graphics:

Indy Project has networking wrappers, but I don't know that it is useful for things like multiplayer gaming:

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