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HLSL bit operators

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jollyjeffers    1570
It "complains" - error message? is it saying that it doesn't understand the "<<" symbol, or is it saying it's incorrect/bad usage of it?

There isn't really an integer data type in HLSL9 - you have to wait for HLSL10 to get proper integer and bitwise operations. As such it will be emulating that operation as the equivalent floating point operation.

What SDK are you using? The HLSL compiler was one of the more rapidly changing components in the SDK - reproducing on the latest version would probably be a good idea if you haven't/aren't already.


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S1CA    1418
Also, if you're using FXC10 from the Direct3D 10 preview in the Feb2006 DirectX 10 SDK, double check which shader version you're trying to compile for.

FXC10 supports older shader versions - but older shader versions don't support sophisticated integer operations like bitshifts.

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