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how to switch back to graphical mode

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I have Mandrake Linux 10.1, and somehow switched from the normal graphical mode into a DOS-like text mode. I have no idea how to bring the desktop back anymore. When I try CTRL+SHIFT+F7, everthing dissapears and im left with only a blinking cursor in the upper left. Any help?

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First, make sure you're at the correct virtual terminal. In most Linux distros, X-Windows runs on term 7 (IIRC). Ctrl+Alt+Fn switches to term n.

To start the entire X-Window environment, run startx & from any terminal. The ampersand (&) is to background the process, so that term doesn't get tied up. Check first that X is not running by running ps.

If your system boots into a text console rather than graphics, you've set the wrong runlevel. I believe you want runlevel 5 for X-Windows on boot. Google for details on the appropriate config file (somewhere in /etc/init.d or so) to modify, and how.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Try ALT+F7 or ALT+F(n), because this combination used to switch terminal in the text mode. Not Ctrl+Alt+F(n).

Where n is a number from 1 through 12.

To se how many consoles do you have, open the /etc/inittab and search similar strings:
c1:12345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty1 linux
c2:2345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty2 linux
c3:2345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty3 linux
c4:2345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty4 linux
c5:2345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty5 linux
c6:2345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty6 linux

I have six text mode consoles, so seven console is X Window.


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