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Parse XML with Expat!

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golgoth    100
Hi all! Anyone have a good simple tutorial and/or working code sample that does more then sketching the concept... but really load an xml file with Expat? how hard could it be to find such thing? well, lets find out! thx

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sebarnolds    168
Well, there is that introductory article (there is a link on the main page on Expat web site) : here

Read it and don't forget to read ALL pages. There are some samples (source code included). They don't do a lot of things but it shows the basics about XML loading with Expat.

I found it quite easy to understand how it works with this article.

If it isn't enough for you, you could download the syBR engine. It is the engine I'm currently working on. It is not very advanced (version is 0.0.3 [lol]) but you can find in the "game" part/directory a file named PluginSettings.cpp which actually loads an XML file and use it to load some settings.

Hope it thelps.

Edit: linkified article

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