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playing skin mesh X files

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hi friends I've several questions concerning skin mesh X files, currently I have a character which has some animation sets, walking, running, punching, die and... I shoot at the character and it should DIE, but I want the DIE animation set to be played only once, i.e. after this animatation set (DIE) played (just for one time), I want the character to fade (i.e. not to render it) or even render the character in the last frame of DIE animation set, how can I do so? any sample? how can I work specifically with frames, is there any sample or tutorial? Also I've problems in my X files, some of the animation sets have been recorded reversely in the X file, so I should play them reverse, how can I do so? if I can work with frames, I can work it easily, but how? thanks in advance

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