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Exporting multiple animations

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Can you be more specific about which part you're having problems with?

1. Is it your ability to use 3DSMax to define multiple animations?

2. Is it a case of how to use the PandaSoft exporter to do this?

3. Is it how to write Direct3D code that interprets what steps #1 and #2 achieve?

If you've got a problem with either #1 or #2, then the Visual Arts forum is probably a better place to ask. If it's #3 then this is the correct forum - but people are going to need a huge amount of more information before they can give you a useful answer [smile]


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Thanks a lot. When I first asked this question, I really had no idea about any of 3 points jollyjeffers has mentioned. Now I've figured some things out and can ask the question more specifically.

DirectX help file uses such terms as "animation set" and "track"; yet it gives absolutely no explanation of these terms and how they are related.

Thank you

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