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DizzyAGE is a set of tools used to create Dizzy games in the classic adventure style. Please visit the official website: Features: * Allows users to concentrate on the quality of the story and puzzles. * Stabil and easy to use game enviroment. * Fluent player movement, very similar to the original games. * Easy to use map editor. * Custom graphic tiles in Z80 or PC style, with 32bit support. * Simple script for event responses and objects behaviour. * Classic inventory and dialogs. * Sound and music support, including Z80 tunes. * Save and Load game options. * Data packing with zip compressing. * Game setup for install and configure. * Documentation, tutorials and technical support. * Additional tiles and sounds packages, available for download. * Publish your games on the official DizzyAGE web site. * A growing DizzyAGE community that will create great Dizzy games. You will also find two small Dizzy games: Enjoy them! [Edited by - xelanoimis on October 2, 2007 1:32:51 AM]

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