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A new great game BattlOfHeroes

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Hello everone, Well my name is Chris and I just wanted to let you all know about the game I am making. Well The name of the game is BattleOfHeroes, This game is going to be a 2d rpg/action game where. You can pick One of three class which are, Fighter, Mage, and Archer. Each of this class will have 3 different Attacks. One close range attack for close combat, One Medium range attack for semi range combat, and one Long range attack for distance combact. The game play is going to be you vs a computer enemy and the way to win is to bring the computer enemy Hitpoints down to zero. But if your hitpoints hit zero you die and the game is over T_T. Also some of the main game features are as of right now, The player will be able to wrap around the board. Which means that if you leave the left side of the board you will come out the right side of the board. This is going to be very useful to sneak up on the enemy. The Sprites Size for the game are going to 32x64 which is decent size. The three different attacks will have three different animation. Well The website for the game is .http://www.freewebs.com/battleofheroesunlimted/ On the website you will find some more info about the game. I am going to be adding more content to the webpage as I work more and more on the game, and I just got the forums up today so I will be seting up the forums today also. if you want to see some screen shots of the sprite for the game it is under the screen shot link on the webpage. As of right now I only have three the player sprites up right now, As soon as I finish making the first board I will post the image to it. Some Info about me is, Well my name is Chris and I have been in to game programe for about 1 year now. I choosed Python as my lang as choice becasue it is clear and easy to understand. This game is going to be the first graphical game I have made. As of right now I am only going to have a cool looking surface for the game, which will be the board the player can move around on. Hopefully as I get better at programing I will upgrade the board to have more indepth details to it. Please join my forums for this game it is going to be a great game. [Edited by - RebornCrosis on March 16, 2006 7:27:06 PM]

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