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[java] Java Swing Layouts

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I'm looking for someone to do some Java Swing Layouts for me. I've already done a good bit of what I need in SWT but scrapped it because the color picker object isn't compatable with my version of linux. I've decided the performance hit of swing won't hurt my application. It's a glorified chat room geared towards table top RPG players. If you're interested in helping writing these layouts for me (and there's not very many) I will compensate you with... 1.) Money (name your price) 2.) I could write some non-gui code for you, I'm pretty nifty with non-gui stuff. Mostly in too much of a hurry to get a beta out the door to learn the gui stuff. 3.) Royalties and future work. If you're a student and you're good with gui stuff, this might be a great option for you. What is this software? TableTop Online is a virtual table top for table top RPG gamers. Think Dungeons and Dragons, Vampire, or Gurps. There are two opensource programs that do essentially the same thing OpenRPG (python) and WebRPG(java). Both are rather slow, WebRPG seems to be the slowest, I think it's due to low funds and hacky code. Since it's closed source there's no way to tell. What will make TableTop Online better? It'll be faster, less buggy, and supported. There will be no subscription fee (or chance of a subscription fee arising) because you can launch your own single room server using your client. The only permanent server is the one users connect to in order to see what other servers are available. User data is persisted on their own machines. If you can help me out just email me. I've been dreaming up this project for the better part of 6 years. It will be completed. I'm looking at first public beta in 3 months or so. -- Jaye

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