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Texture Blending

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Winegums    286
Hi, im trying to blend textures on a height map. This is to make the transition between grass-hill-snow look gradual. a method suggested to me involved making an initial pass and drawing all the grass with a varying alpha level relative to height. this is where i'm stuck. from what i can see i have to have blending enabled in order to have the glColor4f() function to do anything with the alpha value, but different combinations of parameters for glBlendFunc() have caused varying effects, none of which are the desired one. quite simply i just want the texture to fade more the heigher up it is, and not blend with the texture behind it at all. alternativley if anyone can point me to a tutorial that covers blending like this i would be greatful. i googled to no sucess :/

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Fahrenheit451    498
These are some I have queried in the past has one article on tranistioning textures has some links has some info

but my favourite techniques are procedural. A model I like is explained in the book Focus on 3D Terrain Programming by one of the moderators on these boards (Mittens). I have used that technique as the basis for my terrain texturing. I explained it in brief here. Works a treat and looks great.


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