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Confused with ID3DXFileXxx & IDirectXFileXxx

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slayer1983    100
I don't know why MS abandoned interfaces IDirectXFileXxx. I know the new ID3DXFileXxx are nice , but I just can't make a match between the two seiries interfaces(and their functions).Even the DXSDK does not give much surport about it. Is there any tutorial or article about this? thanks for your replay.

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jollyjeffers    1570
What are you trying to do?

The ID3DXMesh interfaces are a convenient framework for transporting and rendering mesh data once it's been loaded. The IDirectXFile interfaces (etc..) are more for manipulating the raw .X file data - manually loading/parsing it or possibly transforming it.

Yes they are related, but they're for subtly different things - which is probably why you can't find a direct relation between them.


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