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Help!About Video Blending!

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I have finished bitmap Alpha Blending with Visual Basic.And now I want to do Video(moving pictures) Blending,but I can't find a effective way to implement it.Could anyone give me some suggestions about it.Or if you have the source code ,share it with me,would you? Thks in advance! Alpha blending or any other ways! Visual Basic or other tools! Hu

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Original post by richy486
Im not sure if this is exactly what your looking for but this tutorial talks about different blending methods using C and SDL:

also this i just found:

Thanks for ur write back.I'm very sorry for my inaccurate words of the question.Corrected is ,when blending two video stream ,u can see the second video stream playing through the first video stream when the first stream is playing on the top,just like this:
It was difficult for me to get through it,would u please help me out?Or give ur mind about it!Thks in advance!



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