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Unity MIDP 1.0 or MIDP 2.0

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walle    478
Hello. I've made some games in MIDP 1.0, basic pong breakout clones. But now I want some sprite rotations and tiled layers =) Reading this thread from over a year ago I assume that MIDP 2.0 is widly supported. Thanks.

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Guest Anonymous Poster   
Guest Anonymous Poster
Being in the industry, I can tlel you that MIDP 2.0 is pretty widely supported, however there are still new phones coming out (unfortunately) that are still MIDP 1.0. MIDP 2.0 is better for alot of things, but there are ways to make it backwards compatible for MIDP 1.0 for expansion later on. As I recall, Sun wanted MIDP 1.0 to be replaced with its newer brother, by 2003? However, the market has not seen that shift yet. My best guess is that is is still being released today for cheap phones that can come FREE when u start new packages.

If someone asks a penny for your thoughts and you put your 2 cents in...where did you get the other penny from?

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Thygrrr    418
The only MIDP-1.0 phones you "need" to support are Nokia Series 40 1st edition phones, and maybe SonyEricsson JP1 and Samsung Group4.

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