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Managing objects in the scene

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Hi! I'm a total newbie in graphics programming, just started to play with EmptyProject from DirectX SDK (i use C# and MDX). I'd like to create something like solar system (many objects rotating around other objects, which are also rotated and transleted etc). I've done it with just 3 "planets" - sun, earth and its moon. However i.e. for the moon i need to manually specify to multiply matrices of the sun, earth and the moon. It would be really painful to do it i.e. for 40 planets and their moons. What is the name of a solution (because there must be one :) ) that would allow me just to specfiy relations between objects (i.e. one object is rotating around another, or translated) and additionaly specfiy some new properties (i.e. rotation around itself, speed etc). Could you give me some links to implementation of a simple version of such thing (preferably in C#)? Thanks in advance

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