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white skies

C# + openGL

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Original post by white skies
Can I use the regular openGL dlls with C#? [smile]


Since they are not .net clr managed stuff you will need to use pinvoke to access them. The web site has a collection of some of the methods. Google can find more.

Either that or you can hunt for a wrapper that somebody else has written.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
just a note though: using PInvoke may be what people suggest first but having the PInvoke mechanism kick in for every function call to opengl might be a little expensive (in practice it's not so bad. PInvoking every function is how many wrappers out there are doing it). in managed directx microsoft is trying to minimize the PInvoke calls as much as possible. i don't know if such a library exists for c# and opengl or if minimizes PInvoke calls. that said, there are many successfull and performant apps out there using or other c# wrappers.. so maybe you should just forget what i said. i just wanted to point out that there's two ways of exposing opengl: a 1 to 1 wrapper or something that tries to minimize calls to the unmanaged dlls; you'd prefer the latter.. but maybe only the first one is available.


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