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hi evrerybody, I used milkshape v1.7.5. Decomplie Half Life model (mdl file from _, get animation smd file... After getting (.smd) files, each .smd file (not reference) with .smd (reference file) (all decomplied from .mdl file) were imported to milkshape and exported to directX (by trying both DirectX v.8 and by JT). ( 1 REFERENCE (.smd) + another smd --> 1 .x file) The directX(.x file) work well when I have only one animaitonset per x file. Now I want to create more than one animation per .x file. So I copy and paste animationset from one .x file to another, the model is broken. ( All my works here) I dont know why the model is broken? If you have any ideas from getting aniamation in .mdl and export to .x file (with multi animationsets), let me know, Thank, [Edited by - Constantine on March 18, 2006 11:00:20 AM]

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thank RenderTarget,
I am sure both all have the same bones name
Here is the code for single .x animation file and the compound .x file

Here file one (1animate_walkwithhand.x):

EDIT: No need to do a complete "file dump" - Please post any relevant fragments of the file instead!

[Edited by - jollyjeffers on March 18, 2006 11:46:18 AM]

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Please don't dump the entire contents of such huge files into the forum - it's not going to help you get an answer as we now have to scroll past 100's of pages of useless information...

If you want people to examine parts of the raw data, post a link to the file for people to download and view if they want. Better yet, post any relevant fragments/summaries of the data...


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from the site:

i downloaded the zombie model (in .ms3d), load it to milkshape v1.7.5.

Based on his note:


2-20 Walk cycle 1
22-36 Walk Cycle 2
38-47 Zombie being Attacked 1
48-57 Zombie being Attacked 2
59-75 Blown away onto his back
78-88 Still lying down and twitching (OFFSET to where he landed)
91-103 Die and fall forwards
106-115 Kick Attack
117-128 Punch/Grab Attack
129-136 Head Butt :-)
137-169 Idle 1
170-200 Idle 2

in milkshape, i exported using JTDirectX plugin (on Retainted Mode with Right Handled checked)

from FRAME 2-20 --> exported to walk.x (the model broken)
and the same for others.

I'm really confuse, very need some explanations,

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