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Creating isometric tiles in Photoshop

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Yeah, I realise this is only very slightly relevant to the topic but I believe it's the closest. Anywho. I've been trying to make a very basic tile in Photoshop by drawing out a square, rotating 45degrees then scaling the height by half. However Photoshop antialiases on rotating which doesn't help when trying to use transparency on a key colour. Are there either any dedicated apps out there for creating iso tiles or anyway in Photoshop to rotate without it antialising? Thanks a lot.

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While this isn't really a "Solution" to the problem, this does work:
 * First create a new image for the tile (we will say 60x60 to start with).
* Create a new layer
* Flood that layer with a color (black works fine)
* Rotate arbitrary 45 degrees
* 1/2 the height (don't forget to remove constrain proportions)
** At 60x60 rotated (turns into 85x85) this is about 42
* Uncheck Anti-alias (flood fill is still selected) in the top bar
* Flood the area again (this will give you a non anti-aliased version)
* Now go to your tile image
* Rotate and copy (Ctrl+Shift+C)
* Paste into your new document
* Select on your mask layer
* Switch to pasted layer and delete

You should now have an aliased image that you can use for your tile (not to mention that the black layer can be flooded to fit fringes if they exist). Flood the background with your transparent color and you should be fine.

Also TileStudio can edit isometric tiles if I remember properly.

- Jeremy

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There are some good tutorials here (both tiles and sprites)

this one's ok

I had another really great link to, but it seems to be dead :( Apart from that, just google for words like pixelling, isometric, art..

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