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Creating D3DXSPRITE functionality..

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I have some questions as to how the D3DXSPRITE may have been implemented.. ..basically how to created a usable sprite renderer.. since drawing calls are made by sending in a RECT for the source of the texture to draw.. it made me thing that they were using CopyRect()... but.. you can rotate and scale the sprite and i dont think you can do that with CopyRect().. and I think I remember reading some were that it uses textured quads... so how about texture transofmations... creating a quad the size of the texture and applying transforms based on the size of the srcRect, and rotation passed in? - or is that to cpu expensive, if you are going to draw a lot of sprites also I know the D3DXSPRITE supports alpha blending.. but can you change the way they are blended to make it suitable for a particle effect? thanks ;P

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