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Surg AKA Kunark

VBA and Oracle

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Hey Guys, so yea I know VBA isn't C++ but it is what I'm using right now. Actually I should clarify that it is Excel 2002 VBA. What my goal is, I have a spreadsheet actually a couple spreadsheets that are fairly large. They all contain data that is to be placed into a database. Ofcourse, they have decided that we are going to use an Oracle Database which doesn't help me much since I barely know how to connect to a normal database little owe an oracle one. So basically what I would like to do is take the data in my spreadsheets and automate the process of placing the information into the database. The best help to me would be an example database, with code to connect, and then perhaps two tables with random things say House, Work, as tables with AMMOUNT_OF_ROOMS in both and umm House can have say SIZE and work could be NUMBER_OF_EMPLOYEES. So theres the example database, I just want to see how to connect to it, what I would do for the connection which I'll replace with my own information. Then write data to the tables. No need to have like variables to get information from my spreadsheet cells cause I can do that, I just don't know how to write the data to the fields in the tables after I were to connect. If anyone is able to help me that would be super awesome, I don't know much about the database if I did I would give you all the information I could. Again thank you for the help!!

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