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GetAdapterIdentifier crashes the computer?

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Um well hello, I was programming some stuff for device enum. I used the GetAdapterIdentifier in a loop. GetAdapterIdentifier(n, 0, mystruct[n+1]??); mystruct was created through D3DADAPTER_IDENTIFIER9 mystruct ??? = new D3DADAPTER_IDENTIFIER9 ??? [amountofadapters]; So the program crashed. I made some mistake with some pointers. I stopped the debug interface. Changed some stuff. Recompiled the program. Program crashed. -> VS debug started. I went away from keyboard for a few minutes. Returned dragged my mouse over some variable. A VS pop up appeared (with mem info). Mouse freezed. I pressed the reset button, my screen didnt show anything (like it normally does, like when its showing the MB logo of the MB). Now I cant boot to windows. My MB doesnt seem to start up. What happened do you think? Hardware failure (my setup is pretty new lol)? How do I fix this? Thanks, IlyaZ

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