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Win32 API

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When my OpenGL program starts, I display dialog box. I operate with checkboxes using IsDlgButtonChecked and CheckDlgButton. But I don''t know how to operate with ComboBoxes (add strings, set selection, retrieve selection). One more question: I write some strings in ComboBox Proprties -> Data Tab. But they don''t appear in the list, is that wrong ? P.S. I understand NeHe''s tutors and OpenGL basics, but I lack Win32 API knowledge. Where can I find some good tutorials on this subject ?

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The link below offers great tutorials on tons of windows related programming, including MFC (but not as a focus) Almost every tutorial has downloadable source.
The only drawback is I think the site is geared mainly towards Visual C++. (which is fine with me )

Codeproject.com tutorials

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how is your combobox created? in the dialog editor of visual c++?

if it is, and it appears when clicking on the arrow like that:

then you have to do one thing in the resource editor:
click onto the arrow of the combo to get it looking like that

then scale it a little (not important how much):

i never found dis discribed anywhere, and it took me bout 3 days to find it out (i always rewrote the sendmessageparts..)

hope it helps, else it helps to others perhaps..

we wanna play, not watch the pictures

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Thanx to devepermen. I changed the size of dropdown.
And now I think, that Data Tab works only in MFC.

But one question still remains:

How can I add strings, get/set selection
(my dialog''s style is Drop List).

BOOL CALLBACK SetupDlgProc(HWND hWnd, UINT Message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
{ char* Str="A String To Be Added";
return TRUE;
{ case IDOK:
EndDialog(hWnd, IDOK);
return TRUE;
EndDialog(hWnd, IDCANCEL);
return TRUE;
return FALSE;

I''m pretty sure, that SendMessage(hWnd,CB_ADDSTRING,0,(LPARAM)Str) is wrong.

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