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Shadow mapping in a 2D/3D scene

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My scene consists of: * pre-rendered 3D scene to act as "background" * low-res polys that serve 2 purposes: character walk path limits and "shadow generators". these polys are not rendered into the final scene * 2 billboards that contain pre-rendered 3D textures with transparency My algorithm for placing shadows in the final scene is as follows: 1) Render the scene into a shadow map texture render target. In this pass, the background and billboards are not rendered .. only the low-res objects. 2) Render the shadowed portions into a screen sized texture 3) Render the final scene from back to front by rendering the background, 2 billboards, and finally by blending the shadowed screen sized texture Would there be a more efficient way to do this? I am going off of the ShadowMap sample in the DirectX SDK as well as a couple of shadow mapping articles off of this site.

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