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Dev Games Using VS.NET 2005

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Hi, I have the 2005, and I want to learn about the game programming, I read a few lessons, tutorials etc... so how can i start using {Edited} Ok, i think than my question was abstract, ok , what type of project i must to select to begin ??

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Here are the steps to get you started:

1) Open up visual studio and you should be at the start page
2) File->New->Project
3) In the project types on the left, plus out Visual C++ and select Win32
4) On the right select win32 console application
5) On the bottom type in a name for the project, I suggest "FirstProject" and select OK
6) On the left hit the Application setting
7) On the right under aditional options check empty project
8) Hit Finish

You now have an empty project, to put some code into it follow these steps.

1) Make sure your solution explorer is open, Go to View->Solution explorer.
2) It by defaults is on the right, it might be on a hidden tab.
3) In the solution explorer right click on the project name "FirstProject" and do add new item
4) On the left make sure your selected on Code
5) On the right click on C++ file(.cpp)
6) On the bottom give it the name main.cpp
7) Hit add

Now you have a source file and it should show up on the screen as well as in the solution explorer.

Add some code such as

#include <iostream>

int main( )
std::cout << "Hello, World!" << std::endl;

Hit ctr-f5 to build and run your application.

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If you are using almost any tutorial that's worth it's salt, then it will most likely have a section on "starting your first project" using visual studio. It may not be specific to 2005 Express Edition, but will usually at least walk you through VC++ 6, and from there it's relatively easy to translate the instructions to your specific compiler.

And to answer your last question: yes, simple games use "console apps". Once you graduate to more advanced game design like DirectX, you'll probably find yourself creating a "windows app" instead.

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