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listbox issue returning text

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I'm using SendDlgItemMessage to retrieve the text of a selection in a listbox. I'm using a LPCTSTR to receive the text, however, during runtime I recieve a "not defined" debug error. Any ideas what's wrong? What's a good (better) way to retrieve text from a list box item. Preferably so that after the string is retrieved sscanf can use it correctly. Thanks for anyhelp! -stealthgate

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LRESULT sel = 0;
char *ListBoxItem; //Same as a LPSTR (Long Pointer - String)

HWND SomehWnd = GetDlgItem(dlghwnd, IDD_LISTBOX1); //grab the list box control handle

//Get the current selection of the listbox
sel = SendMessage(SomehWnd, LB_GETCURSEL, 0, 0);
SendMessage( SomehWnd, (UINT) LB_GETTEXT, (WPARAM)sel, (LPARAM)ListBoxItem);

Tell me if it works. I might be missing something important :)

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