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Iso tile based game: C or C++?

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I would like to know which would be better for programming an isometric tile based RPG game with 32bit graphics: C or C++? While I think it''s a just matter of style, what do you think?

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It depends a lot on how you plan on doing things. If you''re using straight DirectX and not class-wrapping it then you''re stuck with C or hybrid C/C++ (I hate the hybrid but usually can''t avoid it).

Anyhoo, each has their (dis)advantages so yeah, it is pretty much a matter of style (though I have a feeling that soon this question will be jumped all over by debaters from each side).

Personally, I would use C++ or hybrid C/C++. Ever since I learned C++, I haven''t made any decent sized programs without at least hybridizing.

Think how confusing a simple matter like this''ll be once Visual Studio .NET is out and you can mix C++ and Visual Basic (and probably with inline ASM still supported), that is, unless they scrapped that. Code readability is generally down the toilet there if used as intended.

Yeah, I think I''m getting a bit off-topic, sorry, just had to mention that.

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I say, use C''s standard functions where available (most, not all though, are faster and smalled) and C++''s when you need them. Program in a hybrid fashion, whatever gets you the shiniest (heh) or fastest results is best. I mix them a lot, along with the rare assembly (I don''t know x86 ASM too well, but I know enough).


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In a project, such as the one you are going to work with, I would go with the language YOU feel most comfortable with.
I think your asking if you should code the game in a objectoriented way(C++), or in a structured(C) way.
This question has been asked alot here on gamedev, and almost always caused lot''s of spamming.
Why? Because there really is no "correct" answer to that question. This thread will most likely cause it as well, you will be hear lots of opinions sayting "use C++, it''s best" or "use C!, skip C++"

So, my advice is:
If you have a lot of experience with object oriented design and programming, use C++ (it is much more suited for those purposes)
Otherwise, use pure C. You will only mix things up when trying to learn a new way of thinking and code a game at the same time.

I mostly (or always) use C++ in my own projects, but it took a while for me to accept language and the way to code.
What people need to do is to actually learn object oriented thinking first. Converting to C++ from C will otherwise just cause lots of misunderstandings.

I am tired( been drinking lots of beer ) but good luck!

/ Tooon

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