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Cobra    122
Hey man, I was wondering 3 things.. in your map editor, will we ( the users ) be able to add in new textures simply by adding them into a folder ( which your program will scan )? Or because it''s open source ( or that''s what you said ), will we just have to open the code and add them ourselves? If it is the first one ( that your program searches the folder and logs all the textures ), then I have a coding question for you.. HOW do you get the program to scan a folder like that and log every bmp into a new texture??? Oh, and I might aswell ask ( before I get my hopes up ), are you still planning to release ALL the source for your model loader? I know that you said it wouldn''t be finished for a while, I just wanted to clarify these things before I work on my game engine any more. Thanx ~Cobra~

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InFerN0    122
Hey sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Been busy coding. GRIN.

I lied. There will be some slight changes to NeHe''s code to make things a little easier on me. In the map file a texture list is stored. as long as you have all the textures in the same folder it will load them all. I will supply this code.

I am not really sure what you mean by scanning the folder. I have a texture datatype that is part of every face in my engine and the texture is stored there. If you don''t want to do any operations on individual textures(like lightmapping) all textures are stored in a list and the texture is just a pointer to that texture in the list.

I am planning to release ALL source code. Period. This community has given my so much and I want to give something back. Actually my Export function for NeHe format is just something for you all. My engine uses a compiled or an uncompiled map format with BSP/PVS. Another note. The map editor in later releases will have many capabilities that are not able to be used in NeHe''s code. If there is sufficient interest I will consider releasing additional code for this functionality(Entities, Lightmaps, etc...) Later all and RAVENS RULE.


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