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D3D questions about Wireframe mode and batches

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"Fill wireframes. This fill mode currently does not work for clipped primitives when you use the DrawPrimitive methods." - from the DX sdk help It seems to work for me, although I can see extra lines along the sides of my screen, maybe thats what they mean. Well the main thing I wonder is this text I found in the DX f.a.q "Batch size. Direct3D is optimized for large batches of primitives. The more polygons that can be sent in a single call, the better. A good rule of thumb is to aim to average 100 polygons per call. Below that, and you're probably not getting optimal performance, above that and you're into diminishing returns and potential conflicts with concurrency considerations" Can someone explain that thing about batches and that part about sending 100 polygons per call. Do they mean I should do this DrawIndexedPrimitive(from 0-99) DrawIndexedPrimitive(from 100-199) ?? Edited by - reid on January 27, 2001 8:51:52 AM

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Just a note on batch sizes. I''ve been experimenting with various batch sizes and as long as I''m sending batches of at least ~200 polygons, then I don''t suffer any performance penalty.

Batches of 100 is noticeably slower. I''ve tried anything up to 5,000 polys per call, but that was exactly the same speed as with 200 per call.

I couldn''t tell you what MS mean by "diminishing returns and potential conflicts with concurrency considerations" though

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