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Changing Res's while in Dx Fullscreen?

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Hello all, I''m running a fullscreen dx application which uses a primary and secondary buffer to do page flipping. I''ve initialized directdraw and all my graphics code runs fine, but I want the option of running my game in different resolutions. I''ve tested the other resolutions and they work, but when I change the resolution on the fly i just get a black screen. I''ve tried to ->Restore(); all my surfaces and reload them like when I alt-tab (which i have working), but this doesnt do it. I figure I must need to reinitialize something or re-attach a surface, but I''m just not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated... I do this: (starting the program in 1024x768x16) LPDIRECTDRAW ddraw; (global) (when a key is pressed i do these steps) modewidth=800; modeheight=600; modedepth=16; ddraw->SetDisplayMode( modewidth, modeheight, modedepth ); //restoreAll(); (this is my surface restoration function which doesnt seem to help) what am i forgetting to do? thanks, ;/ :D Skelman Software

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