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MMORPG?..... I have some ideas.....

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MMORPG are getting every time more popular..... But, I got a better idea. I think EVERYBODY has played CIVILIZATION, one of the most popular games in the world, one of the most well designed games in the world, and also I think the creator of the Turn Based Strategy Term. What about a Multiplayer Game, Like a MMORPG, but like Civilization, it cant be turn based, but the unit may have a timer to move again, that will simulate this. I think is a greate idea, but, that is not all. Wall about a game like CIvilization, In Space, 3d, Not Turn Based, but simulated, and also with the ability to play it with 500 peoples arround the world, with they own "Civilization"...... I think is a greate idea.....

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I''m a TB game lover but I have to admit that they suck multiplayer. They''re generally too slow. The RTS / FPS games got such a huge boost in the early 90s w/ multiplayer because they were fast and concluded quickly. I''m not sure if you can do the same thing with TB.

A MMO TB game would be closer to the old play by mail games where you mailed / e-mailed your turn in every so often. I never got to do this, but it sounds interesting.

One big problem you''d have to beat would be what happens when turn orders conflict. Say you and I are playing and we both move our armies in opposite directions along the same road. What should happen? Should they fight, pass, stop? This is one reason why so many TB games alternate. In real-time, it''s easier to correct for this because the feedback is so much more quick ("Oh, I didn''t see that army! Attack them!!!!")

I''m assuming something like this would be persistent world? You''d need some way of managing drop outs / killed off players, then. Also, players just joining would be at a distinct disadvantage.

One the space civ idea, one great suggestion I saw a few years back that handles the joining issue is that new players start off as characters in established players'' empires. They''d be rebels / governors / tycoons / etc and could help or hinder the established player''s empire. It solved the newbie player problem (which is much worse in an empire game) by letting them have mini-empires within empires, and added a lot more flavor to the game!

Just waiting for the mothership...

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