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New OS topic closed?

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ghowland    134
This idea comes up every couple years on usenet groups and probably more often for individuals. Basically, its not feasible because of the fact that people have to quit their normal OS to reboot in a different one, possibly having a different partition, which makes a whole lot more work and logistical problems.

On top of that, the logistics of trying to get device drivers written for every piece of hardware out their on a beginning OS would be nearly impossible.

The best solution is to use an existing OS such as Windows or Linux and just deal with the restrictions of those systems.


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bosjoh    122
Sorry SENGIR for the impression that I could just program a new OS in 2 seconds. I didn't meant it that way.

The previous topic is for some reason closed (who did it anyway...).
But I know that there should be an OS just to run games. Then gameprogrammers just can program one version to run on all PC's (with all the system requirements of course) and don't have to create Linux, win9x etc. versions.

If another person is interested in these ideas he/she can start it (I'm too busy finishing my own game anyway).

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