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Well this is what I always wanted to do in the gaming buisness is to create some of the best maps in the world. I did make a few maps using Unreal Engine but all I knew how to do was carve out the maps and stuff and put shiny little details into the map. But I need to learn a whole lot more than that. I need to further understand mapmaking and importing/exporting to different games. I need to understand file types for mapmaking. Is there by any chance something I can do to better understand all of this. A guide to teach me all!?!?!? A teacher out there that is willing to help me out in return for some kick-butt maps?!?!? Please contact me via E-Mail or Posting here. My E-Mail is so feel free to E-Mail me if you would like to keep private. Thanks again for all the help you provide me.

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