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"Beginning 3D Game Programming" error!?

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The complete code for game "Tankers" from this book has many errors Example: When I want to change from window mode to full screen mode: sampleFramework.CreateDevice( 0, true, Framework.DefaultSizeWidth, Framework.DefaultSizeHeight, tankersEngine); -----> sampleFramework.CreateDevice( 0, false, Framework.DefaultSizeWidth, Framework.DefaultSizeHeight, tankersEngine); the fps down from 700fps --> 70fps, )!!!! Another, if we load more tanker, the fps down quickly, (only 1.25fps) The game played well when we in window mode and not has more than 2 characters. Poor me, I follow this book for my game project. Now I do not have any ideas what wrong with "Tanker" game. Anyone can point out plz? Thank, I used VisualStudio 2003, DirectX 9c,

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