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clipping in dx7

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I have problems getting the clipping object to work in directdraw this is what I have done IDirectDrawSurface7 *lpBackBuffer,*lpPrimary; IDirectDrawClipper *lpClip; RGNDATA *lpRgnData; RGNDATAHEADER *lpRgnHeader; then I set up the RGNDATAHEADER and RGNDATA structs like this lpRgnHeader->dwSize = sizeof(RGNDATAHEADER); lpRgnHeader->iType = RDH_RECTANGLES; lpRgnHeader->nCount = 1; lpRgnHeader->nRgnSize = 0; lpRgnHeader->rcBound.top = 0; lpRgnHeader->rcBound.left = 0; lpRgnHeader->rcBound.bottom = 600; lpRgnHeader->rcBound.right = 800; lpRgnData->rdh.dwSize = lpRgnHeader->dwSize; lpRgnData->rdh.iType = lpRgnHeader->iType; lpRgnData->rdh.nCount = lpRgnHeader->nCount; lpRgnData->rdh.nRgnSize = lpRgnHeader->nRgnSize; lpRgnData->rdh.rcBound = lpRgnHeader->rcBound; lpRgnData->Buffer[0] = (char)0; lpRgnData->Buffer[1] = (char)600; lpRgnData->Buffer[2] = (char)0; lpRgnData->Buffer[3] = (char)800; I''m not quite sure about the Buffer member in RGNDATA, in MSDN it says Buffer: Specifies an arbitrary-size buffer that contains the RECT structures that make up the region. but the Buffer member is of type char not RECT... anyway, after this I use the IDirectDrawClipper::SetClipList function: lpClip->SetClipList(lpRgnData,0); and then the IDirectDrawSurface7::SetClipper function: lpPrimary->SetClipper(lpClip); but when I run the program it just quits... anyone have done any clipping before and have some code to lend or something cause this is really disturbing thanks in advance

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First you need to allocate memory for RgnData, enough memory for a RgnDataHeader and the number of rects that you are useing. then to copy the rect(''s) into the RgnDate.buffer you need to do a memcopy, not just an assignment statement. I program in delphi so I dont know if the rest of your code is correct. There is an article on this very subject in C, check it out

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You say the buffer is made up of RECT types, but you don''t use them. just based on what you said, try

// (if you aren''t using C++...then change this but)
RECT *buffer = new RECT[ n ];
buffer[0]->left = 0;
buffer[0]->top = 0;
buffer[ n-1 ]->bottom = 0;
lpRgnData->Buffer = (char *)buffer;

just a guess

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