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GIF transparency

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S1CA    1418
1) AFAIK DirectX/D3D/D3DX doesn't support the GIF file format. If you want to use that format, you'll need to decode the animation frames yourself.

2) From memory, (like most 2D image formats of that era) I don't think GIF does support alpha channel(s) - it may support a colour key though.

3) Go to and search for GIF to get documentation, information and links regarding the all the nitty gritty details of the GIF89a format.

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circlesoft    1178
Original post by VisionForce
You can do a transparent image with DX though; you just have to set the background color as the transparent color through DX.

Well you can also avoid color-keying (which is prone to artifacts) and do it through regular alpha channels in the image. Formats such as tga and png support this, I believe, as well as dds.

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