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mdx: pool.default and resizing

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hi, im having problems with disposing of pool.default vertexbuffers. this happens when i toggle fullscreen. the first couple of times i toggle there is no problem, then any further toggles and performance drops each time, eventually hanging the app. heres a test app. it just draws a single quad on the screen using a pool.default vertexbuffer. press F3 to toggle fullscreen. the first few times will be ok, then it will start hanging. when you quit it will hang on garbage collection. for now i've switched to pool.managed in my app, this fixes the problem since it doesn't have to destroy/create on resize, but means i cant use usage.dynamic or usage.writeonly. i'd still like to know what the problem is tho. theres a few threads around with this same problem, or referring to using pool.default textures. they never get resolved tho. thx, n.

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