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MMORPG where your character already has a personality

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I just finished reading "Old Man's War" ( and the book gave me an interesting idea that I haven't really seen before in a game. In the book, old people over 75 can join the military and have their brains transferred into young biologically engineered bodys. So essentially they get to be young again, provided they fight for 10 years. By the time you are 75 your mental abilities are pretty well defined. Are you an observant person, are you hard headed, etc? Now in most RPG games you define the character completely. That character's personality is your personality. What if you didn't begin from a blank slate, where the character already has a personality (And not just a single personality rating like "charisma" in D&D style games)? A personality with a good memory "reminds you" of quest items that you heard about in your current area (A better journaling system). An observant personality might point out (something subtle visually) that an interesting item is visible. A mind with strong tactical comprehension might spot ambushes... And so on. So basically you the player are learning to best play the person you are playing. And depending on the person you play, the game play could be vastly different. Anyways just a random thought.

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