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Installing Boost.python

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I've been trying to install The Boost C++ libraries on and off for two days now with no luck. This is my first time trying something like this, so I don't quite know what I'm doing. Anyhow. I have boost, and a pre-built version of boost jam. I extract boost to my C drive, then extract the boost jam executable in the boost directory. I want to set it up for integration with python (I'm using python 2.4, installed at C:\Python24) and I"m using Dev C++ in Win Xp, so in my command line I execute the command: bjam "-sTOOLS=mingw" install --with-python-root=C:\Python24. And it begins running. However, when it finishes, here are the results: ...failed updating 1412 targets... ...skipped 458 targets... ...updated 3781 targets... This doesn't seem right to me. Also, I loosely noticed (the text was moving across the console pretty fast) that the ones that are failing are failing due to something wtih gcc. I believe it was saying that gcc was not recognized as an operable program or batch file. I've tried about 4 tutorials online, and come out empty handed each time. Would anyone care to help me through this. I'm not even sure if I should be using mingw with Dev C++. I'm just altogether clueless at the moment. Thanks.

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Nope, I sure can't.

...*several minutes later*

Now I can. I'm still getting errors, however, and here is what they look like:

"...failed vc-C++ bin\boost\libs\wave\build\libboost_wave.lib\vc-7_1\release\rtti
vc-C++ bin\boost\libs\wave\build\libboost_wave.lib\vc-7_1\release\rtti-off\threa
The system cannot find the path specified.
The system cannot find the path specified."

From what I can tell, it's trying to use Visual Studio, and I don't know why it owuld do that. Perhaps it's a default to some paramater that I need to define myself in installation command?

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