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Unity Great potential of Game for education

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HarryYan    122
How great if applying game to instruction!! There is a kind of game: Students can improve their knowledge or abilities by playing games. After reading an article like "Games on Education". I think games can create an virtual environment for learner to immerse in as a role player. During the process in the problem solving embeded in the game, learners can efficiently acquire the desirable knowledge or abilities. So, specifically or for example, second language learning would surely take advantage of the game. Second language learning is better off if learners are provided an environment to learn: speaking, listening, writing, communication, and even problem solving in this virtual community. Is it not a good idea? Yes, I think it's a good idea. How do you think?

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Ravuya    135
I think the Serious Games movement is almost entirely about educational games, or at least those that express opinions.

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Guest Anonymous Poster   
Guest Anonymous Poster
Original post by HarryYan
Does anybody have experience in educational game design? I think it's a big market.

For example, there was a french game where you could program little robots to solve various tasks. The program editor was built into the game. There was a game version and an educational version. (one with a storyline and one with numbered problems and proper educational text) You could only move the robots with programs and they were able to cooperate. Back then I tested various fuzzy logic based programs with the game. The programming language was a managed c++ like language with default data types adapted to the game.

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