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Is this inferiority?

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Do you sometimes feel that you are so limited to desktop programming? I worked for a company with C++ on mobilephones (still using desktop though) before. After 3 weeks, I qui the job because I'm a bit unsatisfied with my salary. But I somehow feel that I miss doing this thing and I don't want to be limited to desktop programming forever...

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Perhaps some other type of computer programming is your forte. Only the tiniest sliver of computers involve "desktop programming".

Maybe your niche is handheld or cell phone programming. Since we'll soon have a planet with more cell phones than human beings, there is a constant demand for it.

You might prefer writing software for real-time applications. These include medical equipment, missile guidance systems, nuclear power plant safety devices, and the big machines that screw on bottle caps.

Or maybe you prefer software for microcontrollers. These little guys run the world. They make your disk drives work, there's probably a few hundred of them on your motherboard, and maybe more on your cutting-edge graphics card. They are the components of the bigger computers listed above. They make your car pass emmissions test, they perform those emmissions tests, they manage the cruise-control that lets you drive at a constant 95MPH, and manage the radar detection box on your dashboard that lets you know a cop will be pulling you over for speeding. They manage your oven to bake your pizza, your freezer to keep your pizza cold, and your microwave to reheat the pizza the next day. In short, these guys are everywhere.

Perhaps instead you will find your nirvana in FPGA, DAC/ADC, or other hardware programming. These guys work closely with EEs and make the stuff for the microcontrollers to control. Maybe you want to work with digital camera CCD calibrations, radar hardware, or fluorescent light bulbs. If it uses electricity and has a switch, it probably involves some of this work.

Or maybe you'll want to make software for really geek watches. There is money to be made with people willing to pay hundreds of dollars for flashy LEDs to strap on their wrist.

If you love programming but desktop programming ins't your thing, there are a lot of other programming markets available.

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