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NEWS lite 3.0, news management system, needs testers!

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NEWSlite is a lightweight news management system for small and medium sized websites. It is designed to allow sites to create and manage regular news posts, such as on the front page of a website. NEWSlite is NOT a full-blown content management system. It is intended to serve sites that want to publish and syndicate regular news but that do NOT want the overhead of having a full content management system as well. NEWSlite 3.0 has the following features: - Uses PHP and MySQL. - Multiple users. An unlimited number of users to help you post news. Easily add, edit, and remove users. - User permissions. Allow users the permission to add news posts, delete and edit other user's news posts, and allow access to administrative functions. - Template-based output. You can directly manipulate the look and feel of the output. No file editing required. - Configurable theme. You can also adjust the layout and look of the program itself if you want to customize it to your site. No file editing required. - Multiple subjects. File your news posts under as many different categories as you wish. - RSS output. An RSS .xml file for each of your subjects is produced, as well as another feed that includes news from your entire site. - BBcode input. Use BBcode to format your posts, just like on a forum. - Live and static news output. Include news on your website through either a PHP script or a faster Server Side Include of a static file. - Easy install. Everything is done for you except creating the database and user (for security). - Professional look. Easy to use interface even brain-dead idiots could be comfortable with! NEWSlite 3.0 is currently in BETA. Although it's stable, i'm still trying to test it on multiple systems and iron out any bugs. I'm looking for people who would like a tool like this for their own websites and would like to help send in any initial bug reports, if any. I wrote NEWSlite 3.0 as a super-easy-to-use tool to replace my super-klunky NEWSlite 2.0 script written in PERL. I wrote 3.0 in about a week that i had off of work because i thought it might look good on a resume. I'm going to release it as opensource here in the near future but i want some beta testers to iron out any final bugs. If you are interested, please check out my actual live installation (without posting priviledges) or download the current beta: "REQUISITE SCREENSHOTS": DEMO: login as 'dummy' with password 'password' http://www.leiavoia.net/news/index.php BETA DOWNLOAD: http://www.leiavoia.net/downloads/newslite3-beta2.zip You can give critique and/or bug reports directly on this thread or on my personal forum if you wish. Thanks for looking!

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