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Crituiqe My Method Please

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Hi, I am wondering if anyone can tell me why this would be a bad idea, or if it is a good one. Here we go. I am making a series of screensavers. Some graphics cards(like mine), don't accelerate OpenGL screensavers, so if they have remotely any hard to render things, or lots of not hard to render things, they are so jerky it's not even fun watching them. Now, In my series of screensavers, so that there won't be tons and tons of screensavers in the drop down screensaver thing, I'm going to have one screensaver that launches whichever of my screensavers is currently active. It uses CreateProcess() to do so. HERE COMES THE PLAN. Now, so that they won't run deathly slow, why can't I just keep the extension as .exe, and not change to .scr, and then launch them giving them the correct command line to display the screensaver and such. I've tried it, and they run great, no jerkiness, and since they themselves won't be in the drop down screensaver menu, but the settngs for my one launcher, it's not a problem having windows find them as screensavers. Is this a bad idea? If so why? Thanks alot. Levi [Edited by - levjs on March 27, 2006 11:10:33 AM]

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