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shaggypayne    122
hello, i am tryin to find a tutorial on Gmax, on character modelling, im very interested in learning how to. I am a star wars nerd so, lol thats what i would love to make, some type of jedi if anyone can throw my ANYTHING i would love it. Thanks Payne.

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Kambiz    758
Autodesk will no longer offer Gmax software as a stand-alone product so you will not have it easy finding tutorials and resources on the Internet but gmax interface is very similar to the interface of 3D Studio Max so just search for 3ds max tutorials.
You can download the 3ds Max 8 Tutorials from the following link:
3DS MAX Documentation

In "3ds Max 8 Tutorials Volume I - Getting Started" you can find some tutorials about character modeling.

Gmax is not 3DS Max so you can not follow the tutorials step by step but you will learn many things about character modeling.

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