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Experience with OCaml/F# and OpenGL 1.5/2.0?

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Hi, I've recently spent some time learning OCaml it seems to be a language worth learning. Especially evaluating code directly from emacs is _very_ nice to have. I'd like to use it to prototype graphical OpenGL applications but there remains one serious problem: the lack of decent libraries, especially decent OpenGL bindings. Having OpenGL 1.5 is a must have for me and OpenGL 2.0 would be nice. For extra fun I use a mac portable, thus I will need it on OS X.. :) I found lablGL and camlgl. LablGL renames all OpenGL functions in a non-obvious way which makes it a pain in the ass. Apart from that it's stuck to something like OpenGL 1.1. Camlgl supports 1.4 with many extensions and doesn't compile on OS X. Apart from that there's F# which seems to be maturing so it could be a worthy competitor to OCaml, soon. Has anyone tried it with Tao, yet? Currently the two options I seem to have are porting Camlgl to the Mac and possibly updating it to OpenGL 1.5 or to use F# and "restrict" me to windows. I found several OCaml related discussions in the archives thus there seem to be some people here who might share some tips about OCaml/F# and OpenGL programming? greetings [Edited by - cmdkeen on May 19, 2008 8:29:21 PM]

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