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Problems after my game exits

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SikCiv    122
Im using WinME and my game use to exit ok without a hitch, but ive changed many things, and added many ''hdc'' functions, now when my game closes, the arrow turns into a black square with a bit of stray pixels in it, and my games'' taskbar button doesnt disappear after exiting unless u click on it.. Im not sure what the problem is, so is there a way to check hdc problems without spending hundreds of dollars on a program like bounds checker? Surely there is a cheap alternative? I dont use MSDev, just the command line commands (nmake). here is my code... ---------------------------- HDC dc; lpDDSBack->GetDC(&dc); if(!dc) return; SetBKColor(dc, RGB(0,0,0)); SelectObject(dc, GetStockObject(WHITE_PEN)); SelectObject(dc, GetStockObject(BLACK_BRUSH)); rectangle(dc, rcDest.left, rcDest.....etc.. lpDDSBack->ReleaseDC(dc); --------------------------- In WinME do u have to close the app differently to Win95/98?

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Jim Adams    440
In case you''re not doing it - make sure to restore the hdc to how it was when you''re done with it:

// setting new brush
HBRUSH *OldBrush = SelectObject(hDC, GetStockObject(BLACK_BRUSH));

// restoring old brush
SelectObject(hDC, OldBrush);

Jim Adams

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