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i want my dos window

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I'm making a game and going off NeHe's tutorials but I want to get back that handyDandy dos-like window so I can 'cout' information to it and debug more easily. I've seen other amateur openGL programs with an openGL window and a text window so I know it's possible, but what does one do to NeHe's basic outline to get that window? also, do I just need to 'cout' anywhere in my program to print to the new window, or would it be more complicated than that? I see that when 'CreateWindowEx' is called, there is a 'parent window' field that NeHe passes 'NULL' to.... looked probable. but I don't know what I would pass in its place.. thanks a bunch in advace -radjan spirit I am not (your dogfood pony) Edited by - radjan_spirit on January 29, 2001 2:15:37 AM

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Well, you could use GLUT (check it out at www.opengl.org).
To use it in VC, simply make a new project, but a _console_ one!
Then include the necesary things and link to necesary libs.
Then to print out info to the little dos window that appears, just do a simple printf or cout, just as usual.

Hope this helps.

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Have you looked at the AllocConsole() function? It''s part of the Windows kernel (wincon.h) and lets you create a console just like the Dos one. Standard input and output gets directed there, but I''m not sure if you can use cout/cin or not, I use _cprintf() (console printf) but you may be able to redirect an output stream there. It''s handy because you can have the console in a debug version, but not in release mode. There''s a whole load of console functions to go with it, just search for AllocConsole in your programmers help system (MSDN, etc) and it should lead you back to the console section.

I use it regularly to log what''s going on in my programs and haven''t had a problem with it.


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just replace the
int main
and you have your doswindow (go to settings>linker>project options and delete the /subsystem:windows

(or write /subsystem:console in)

then you have your console back.. the rest should be let like before.. and then cout how much you want to

we wanna play, not watch the pictures

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