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[web] ASP string manipulation - chr(10) every 9 characters?

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I've managed to confuse myself [sad] Say I have the following text: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyz What I want to do is say: At every 9 characters, insert chr(10), then proceed for another 9 characters, then insert chr(10), and so on until it runs out of characters. The final result would look like abcdefghi chr(10) jklmnopqr chr(10) stuvxyz Any idea how I would go about doing this?

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the easiest way would be to do something like

Dim myString

myString = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyz"

ReDim Strings(cint(Len(myString) / 9))

For SplitCount = 1 To Len(myString) Step 9
Strings(CInt(SplitCount / 9)) = Mid$(myString, SplitCount, 9)
Strings(CInt(SplitCount / 9)) = Strings(CInt(SplitCount / 9)) & Chr(10)

and you can join them all back up with

joinedString = Join(Strings)

Hope that helps

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