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Render Text to Texture [MDX]

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//sry about text formatting
//create yer texture

hr = m_pd3dDevice->CreateTexture ( (int)( m_pd3dsdBackBuffer->Width * m_fRenderTargetRatio ), // Width
(int)( m_pd3dsdBackBuffer->Height * m_fRenderTargetRatio ), // Height
1, // MipMap levels
m_pd3dsdBackBuffer->Format, // Format
&m_pTextureRenderTarget, // Word to receive pointer

// get surface

m_pRenderTargetTexture->GetSurfaceLevel ( 0, &pTextureSurface );

//set target to texture

m_pd3dDevice->SetRenderTarget ( 0, pTextureSurface );

//draw your text.

//set target back

m_pd3dDevice->SetRenderTarget ( 0, pBackBuffer );


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You might need to use the MeasureString method of Font to determine the resultant texture size...

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thanks for ur help guys but i don't know c++ and i think that i don't need to create a texture so here is what i did and it is giving me error on device.SetRenderTarget(0,surf); help plzzz

Surface backbuffer = device.GetBackBuffer(0, 0, BackBufferType.Mono);
Surface surf = _TArrayButtomBoard.GetSurfaceLevel(0);

// MyTexture=new Texture(device,200,200,1,Usage.RenderTarget,Format.A8B8G8R8,Pool.Default);
gameFont.DrawText(null, "CameraYPoz = " + CameraYPoz.ToString(), new Rectangle(45,100,0,0), DrawTextFormat.NoClip, Color.WhiteSmoke);


DrawVB(device , VB , _TArrayButtomBoard , -10 , 32 , 0.0f , -10 , -30.5f ,0,0,0);

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Why don't you draw text onto a bitmap and use that as a texture.

How to calculate baselines etc.

I have also created a tokenizer and parser so I can use base HTML support.
It will calculate if the word fits on a graphics object or it needs to be drawn on the nextline.

Working tags:
- Family
- Size
- Color
- Align
- Left
- Center
- Right



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thank God it worked , the render to texture worked finally , i didn't thought that it is that easy :)

[Edited by - jad_salloum on April 1, 2006 5:31:44 AM]

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