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camera rotation matrix calculation

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i`m trying to calculate the matrix for camera rotation rotation around the 0-X axes: { 1, 0, 0 0, cosX, -sinX, 0, sinX, cosX} rotation around the 0-Y axes: {cosY, 0, sinY, 0, 1, 0, -sinY 0, cosY} rotation around the 0-Z axes: {cosZ, -sinZ, 0 sinZ, cosZ, 0 0, 0, 0} after multiplication of the matricies we`ll yield the matrix, which rotates the camera around the global X,Y,Z axes: matrix[0]=cosY*cosZ; matrix[4]=-cosY*sinZ; matrix[8]=sinY; matrix[12]=0; matrix[1]=sinX*sinY*cosZ+cosX*sinZ; matrix[5]=-sinX*sinY*sinZ+cosX*cosZ; matrix[9]=-sinX*cosY; matrix[13]=0; matrix[2]=-cosX*sinY*cosZ+sinX*sinZ; matrix[6]=cosX*sinY*sinZ+sinX*cosZ; matrix[10]=cosX*cosY; matrix[14]=0; matrix[3]=0; matrix[7]=0;matrix[11]=0; matrix[15]=1; To manipulate the camera - we have 2 angles: x, y cordinates of the mouse - turn around the Y and X axes. This two angles - LOCAL to camera.(if global Y-not zero than global X not zero and global Z not zero). Local camera 0Z axes always lies in global X0Z coordinates How to project this 2 local mouse angles on to 3 global angles?

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You cannot manipulate an object, such as a camera, that has 3 degrees of freedom with a device that allows for only 2 degrees of freedomm, such as a mouse.

You have two solutions:
1) Use the keyboard in conjunction with the mouse. Two keyboard keys will afford you a 3rd degree of freedom. Games like quake and halflife use this method (sort of. . . not really, since in quake you can''t rotate along one axis but you get the idea.) Mouse controls x,y, keyboard controls z (or some other combination.)

2) Use the mouse button to toggle your mouse''s y axis with the z axis. This solution is non-ideal as you are basically switching your mouse from a 2 DOF device to a different 2 DOF device -- you will not be able to control all 3 dimensions at the same time, but you will be able to control them in a serial manner.


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