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visual studio 2005

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Hi.I'm new to programming and forums:).Im good at programming.But ı only know the old visual basic.I want to learn visual basic or c++ or c# to make a 3d simulator.I will render my school 3d to the engine ı will write.Think an easy engine in which there is just a collision detecting and jump.can you show me any topic about engines like this(ı'd like it with source code)There is another question ı want to ask:do ı learn visual basic 2005 first?is c# and visual basic in the same cd;visual net.2005?can ı write this kind of engine with visual basic?ı know this kind of easy questions are boring you,and ım just saying keep up good work. [Edited by - gamer_umut on June 14, 2008 1:41:01 PM]

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Share on other sites for all of you game engine needs my friend. There are many out there, Irrlict(sp??), Ogre, Torque. The list is endless [smile]

As for Visual Studio 2005, unless you have an MSDN subscription, you will not be able to get both Visual Basic .NET and C# on the same disk. You can however, download the Express editions of both Visual Basic .NET here and C# here. The express editions are the free versions of Visual Studio 2005.

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